Zionistart is a crowdfunding platform for private and public initiatives related to Israeli-Zionist agendas. In contrast to the other recruitment platforms, Zionistart was created and designed for projects whose motives benefit the people of Israel and the Land of Israel – The initiators of the projects are not only working to fulfill their own dreams of improving the lot of Israel, but are striving to realize the ideological vision of the betterment of the Jewish people in their land.

Because this ideological dream is shared by tens of thousands of Jewish residents of Israel and abroad, Zionistart is designed to connect all supporters of Zionism and enable them to help each other carry out a common vision. The initiators of the idea, those willing to volunteer, and those who can provide the means to make personal initiatives come to fruition, are now able to meet on one Internet platform. Thanks to the Zionistart site, not only can these people dream together, but they can also realize their common dream through mutual assistance. If everyone shares his strengths in for the good of the ideological goals they share, those goals will no longer remain as dreams.

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