Settling the Negev, here

A unique opportunity to build Israel, like in the past- really settling our land.

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Settling the Negev, here

New Zionism has transformed her face. However there is still a national need to settle the Negev. It is true that the state has invested money and resources in the Negev, but there are whole areas that are missing any Jewish character.

This is our country. We shouldn’t leave it to foreigners because it’s not convenient for us to be seen in it!

For years, vast areas of the Negev are actually controlled by clans of Beduins, and the government does not want to, or can, lift a finger regarding it. In any case, the only solution may originate from the people, while we wanted to put ourselves into the equation in the area and finally stumbled upon a rare opportunity: last year the authorities created the infrastructure to make a settlement for the local Beduin population. But the coordination between the authorities and the local population reached different difficulties thus causing the Beduin leaders to decide not to enter the town and build it …

If we offer our initiative to the authorities in three months time, the chances are good that it won’t fall. That leaves us only to raise the money to build the first of 10 buildings, in order to receive approval for further construction. What they need is 10 families and raising equity capital of 10 million (10 million) NIS.

7 families have been there and each agreed to contribute all its equity (like as a liability for a mortgage) towards the project. So all we are missing are three families (if you’re interested- contact us by e-mail, and 2,500,000 (seven million) NIS, which we are recruiting through the Zionistart platform.

Zionistart, is a mass financing platform created to serve just such initiatives.

In conclusion- 2,500,000 NIS. We believe in you !!

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