Flowers in the barrel

Funding emotional support for the residents of conflict-areas in Israel, on a long term basis.

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Flowers in the barrel

As is well known, residents of different regions in Israel, stood for quite some time in the front of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Regions such as the area around Gaza, Jerusalem, the northern border and other areas, dealt with attacks from the air and land (and under the land as well), which lead the residents of those areas to a continuous feelings of threat, not to mention the real traumas that occur when one is exposed to actual attacks by the enemy.

A person that was defined on the news as suffering from trauma is taken to an immediate treatment, but does not receive long-term accompaniment, Although there is no doubt that the feeling of threat, insecurity or anxiety may continue to disturb him throughout the years.

In this unique project we offer each and every one to take a part in funding emotional support for residents of the different regions mentioned above, after the completion of the allocation of state-funded support.

Eligibility will be given to residents according to professional parameters of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and will be given by direct continuation of the preceding therapeutic interventions.

For more information, please refer to the website of the Association of Flowers in the barrel.

This project is an ongoing project type (standing order), because this is a long-term project. The length of the donation would be decided by the donor, of course

We chose Zionistart, which is a mass-funding platform created to serve just such initiatives. It’s essential advantage in my case is that it allows us to give the donor the option to donate in a standing order and therefore contribute to long-term initiatives, like ours,


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