a free nation in our land

Campaign to increase awareness of the demographic situation in Israel, today.

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a free nation in our land

We always makes it a point to show us what not, what is missing, the negative side. Its right that reality is not perfect, but focusing on the disadvantages is not a healthy habit, not for any one person, and even for any community or country. Just a month ago, a notice was published in a little corner of the web-site of the National Authority for Research and Statistics, that for a while now there isn’t any demographic danger to Jews in Israel. In other words, the Jewish birth rate in the country, passed the Muslim birth rate. The simple meaning is that there are more Jews in the country and it is also going to continue for generations to come. So you can forget the sense of threat to our sovereignty in the country. Walking down the street with the notion that we are the majority, gives us courage to be who we are, to raise our head, with self assurance. These feelings would help us as a nation and as individuals. My plan is to raise funds for the design, marketing and advertising of billboards, internet ads and even radio spots aimed at raising awareness to this point. I believe that as awareness will rise, so will the national mental strength of the Jewish residents of the country and thus strengthen our consciousness position, first of all to ourselves and then also between other nations. Zionistart is a mass-funding platform created to serve just such initiatives. It’s essential advantage in my case is that it allows me to set different levels of goals so that as long as I reach the lowest goal, I will be able to fulfill at least part of my initiative, and that it collects only 3% if the initiative’s income (compared to its competitors who charge 9% of the initiative’s income), and the majority of that is going to cover expenses. The project is a leveled project: If I get to 100,000 NIS, I will post the campaign on billboards for six months. If I get to 150,000 NIS, I will also publish the campaign in online ads and radio. And if I get to 250,000 NIS, I will advertise the campaign in all the media above for a year.



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