The State of Israel and the Land of Israel have suffered from internal cultural and social conflict for many years, owing to forces desiring to move the country in different directions. Discord is rife, especially about the precise direction that the nation should be taking, at all national levels.

Zionistart is an affiliation of people who fully believe that the majority of the Jewish people feel love for our country and its inhabitants, and desire to contribute to the public good. Regarding the current situation we are sad about the shortcomings of in our small country, Israel, on the one hand, and wish to improve it, on the other.

We strongly believe in the ingrained goodness of our society. Even if there are disagreements among us, we know that our intentions are genuine. Zionistart wishes to enable all of society’s goodness to flourish. We hope that this website, and platforms like it, will help us foster benevolent behavior.

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