If you have an idea for a new Zionist project, but do not know how to put it into practice, what can you do?

In order to make Israel a better place for us, our children, our neighbors, and eventually the entire world, Zionistart or ZionutStart has created this platform for you to help us promote new Zionist ideas.

The following simple steps explain how you can use this site toward these lofty aims.

  1.  Are you sure you really like the idea? Are you truly enthusiastic? Do you think about it most of the day (and dream about it at night)? If so, then you are on the right path.
  2. Try to imagine the fulfillment of the idea. Now break down the different aspects of the idea according to the following points, in order to turn it into a full project:

    • Who will benefit from it? Who in Israel? Who in the outside world?

    • How long do you imagine it will take until your idea comes to fruition (assuming that all the means are available)?

    • How long will the influence of your idea — its impact on others — last?

    • How many people will you need to help you (assuming you are the manager of the project)?

    • Which materials and tools will you need to implement your idea?

    • If you jot down your idea according to the above points, and your enthusiasm has only intensified, it is a sign that your idea is good! Then, now is the right time to contact us to share your full project. We’d love to hear about it!

  3. The next step is to organize your idea in a more orderly (and official) manner, basing yourself on the points above, and to be in contact with us to get our help in polishing the idea in all its details into what we call an project.

    • Choose which track you want to take in financing your project. Each track has advantages and disadvantages depending on individual projects. See details of the different tracks in the section “Our Tracks” (below). Feel free to consult with us. We are happy to help!

    • You’ll have to fix the estimated cost that you wish to raise, and set a deadline for raising the funds. You may also set up a “Graduated Path”, in which you can determine different recruitment goals towards the final cost of the carrying out the project.

    • At this point you will need to sign the Terms and Conditions of the site for creating and handling your project. This can be seen in the section “Our Terms and Conditions of Constructing an project” (below).

  4. Once you have spoken to us and received our permission to proceed, the next step is for you to build your project’s page here on the site. You will be given our authorization and access information and then you can start to actually design the page and promote the project directly through the Zionistart site.

    • Enter into your business and marketing mindset (the project-page is actually where you advertise your project online). The goal is to generate interest on the part of those who read your project-page, so that they will be eager to contribute to it. Therefore, it is recommended to design the page aesthetically.

    • Add some good drawings or photos the project and its goals- based on the maxim “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

    • If possible, invest some time (and money) into producing a short video clip regarding your project, and upload it to the page as well — as “a video is worth a thousand pictures”.

    • It is important to remember that it is prohibited to use copyrighted slogans, photos or videos without permission. (Neither we nor you wish to get into legal complications regarding copyright theft).

    • It is not obligatory, but is highly recommended to grant a royalty to give every donor of your project. There is an automatic option of setting different royalties according to the amount of the donation. Taking in account the nature of these idealistic projects, you might feel that you aren’t going to have anything to offer at the end of the day. Nonetheless, it will definitely give your donors a better feeing, if you offer something- Even a nice symbolic “Thank you” letter is a lot.

    • Once the page is ready… you go ‘on the air’! Congratulations and good luck in funding your project. Remember that it is your idea but your goal isn’t only your betterment. Your success actually benefits the Jewish nation and the Land of Israel!

  5. The marketing process of your project is up to you. You are trying to sell your idea in order that potential donors would prefer it to spending their money on other worthy projects. This is the place where you can involve your friends and relatives, asking them for leads, and encouraging them to promote your project on the Zionistart site. Use the advertising skills you always knew you had.

    • Your goal now is to get as many people as you can to go to your project page, to be sure they receive the best impression from it and contribute to your project. Spread your idea and the http link of the project page through as many social networks as possible.

    • Usually major contributors come from the web, but of course you can also request that family, friends and acquaintances forward your post to their mailing lists.

    • For experienced webbies it is recommended to open a separate Facebook page dedicated to your project (do not forget to add a link to the project on the Zionistart site, since that is the only way one may actually contribute).

    • Posting ads on neighborhood bulletin boards, billboards, newspapers (online or printed), radio or television are also wonderful ways to sell your idea, but they are obviously dependent on available budgets.

    • Our desire is to see your project’s succeed. We will do our best to advise and support you. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you have.

    • In addition, we have a set of giveaways for promoting the Zionistart site, such as a music disk for every contributor, and other promotional projects in collaboration with other organizations.

  6. A successful completion of the fund recruitment is actually just the very beginning of the story.

    • The fundraising was successful. You succeeded to raise the requested funds. We then transfer the money to you.
    • But it is not over. The hard work has just begun: turning your project from an idea into a reality. As part of our terms — which you signed (see “Our Terms and Conditions of Constructing an project”) we require proof of your use of the funds (section … in the form).


There are three tracks from which you may choose, in order to raise funds for your project:

Regular Recruitment

Multileveled Recruitment

Renewable Recruitment

Choose the track most suitable to your project’s own distinctive character, and thus support your project in the most effective way, in raising of funds and in your actual work on the project itself.

 Simple Recruitment Track – for this track to be implemented, the project must achieve its funding target by the target date set by you. The advantage of this track is its simplicity.

 Gradual Recruitment Track – The project is divided into different implementation stages and enables the establishment of intermediate goals on the way to the final destination. Each step will be presented by achieving a specific goal in the project and a financial need to realize it. If by the end of the defined period, the project has passed a certain goal, it will be possible to realize the project to that goal. The advantage of this track is the possibility that even if you were not successful in raising enough funds to implement the full project’s goal, it is still possible to implement smaller intermediate goals that cost according to the raised funds.

 Continual Track – The project is based on a direct debit for a limited period of months, between two to twelve, set by you. The advantage of this method is to finance long-term projects (for example, an project involving a specific continuing campaign, once a month for a year). In this method the recruitment will be to the monthly amount required multiplied by the number of months selected. In this type of track, too, it is necessary to reach the target in order to implement the project.

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